Roof Cleaning Newcastle

Roof Cleaning Newcastle provides a professional roof cleaning service for residential and commercial properties in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Gateshead, Hartlepool, Sunderland but also to most places across the North East. Roof cleaning can be a relatively speedy way of improving the look of your home, by clearing moss and anything else that has accumulated on your roof.

As rooves age and get more porous, they are gradually invaded by moss and debris. Keeping your roof clean and free of this moss and dirt is usually very difficult for the majority of homeowners and can become a source of problems.

Would it be nice to have your roof looking like new again?

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Why have my roof cleaned?

The accumulation of dirt and moss and other organic growth on roof tiles may cause serious problems with your roof. The life-span of the tiles will over time deteriorate and be compromised. If you neglect your roof, you’ll find these organic growths will rapidly spread out of control with their roots working their way into vulnerable spots in the tiles, gradually widening them over the course of time until cracks appear. Like all plants, they need water to survive, and when it rains, they act like sponges holding as much water as they possibly can. Once the water finds its way through the cracks into your roof it might well cause serious and costly damage to the rafters and joists. Eventually, moss will come loose and roll down the roof into your gutter. This in time can lead to an overflowing of rainwater from your gutter. This water runs down your facia boards onto your walls saturating, damaging, and causing long-term damp in them both. Really then, arranging to have the roof cleaned is an important service for a few reasons.

For many people though getting their roof cleaned is simply an aesthetic choice and we can’t fault you for that! Roofs can become very unsightly due to organic growths like lichen and moss, and then a roof cleaning company is needed. Roofs are also often tarnished and stained by an everyday bacterium called gloeocapsa magma affecting the natural appearance of your otherwise beautiful home. Without a doubt, this bacteria growth is completely normal however it isn’t nice to see and gradually it can damage your roof. Comparing a clean roof and one that needs cleaning can be night and day. After months and years of seeing your roof get dirtier and dirtier wouldn’t it be great to see it looking brand new like it used to?

Maybe you’re wondering, “Is this a simple DIY job that I should have a go at doing myself?” Let’s look at some evidence to suggest what the best way to do this is.

Can I just clean it myself?

The biggest reason why most people haven’t attempted to clean their own roof is that it requires working at a height where most of us wouldn’t feel comfortable or safe. At these kinds of heights any kind of fall can result in a very serious injury.

Also, a lot of people would expect getting your roof cleaned involves pressure washing but it doesn’t need to, and let’s look at some reasons why preferably a roof should not be pressure washed. High-pressure cleaning may clear away moss from your roof, but the high powered jets of water may dislodge the tiles or other roof fittings, risk flooding a loft and it is highly likely that the moss will simply grow back!

High-pressure washing additionally affects the lifespan of the tiles which could result in more issues further down the road with most tile manufacturing companies also warning people against this manner of cleaning roofs.
Jet washing a roof is the least ideal option as this could disrupt or break delicate tiles from the pressure of the jet washer but may also ruin your roof when walking on the tiles and disrupting the tiles.

Many cow-boy companies who do this kind of work, claim it’s easy money and that it does not need any skill. Is there any truth in that? A service like this requires a degree of skill and care that we can assure. Using the correct roof access equipment, the right tools, and our skill and know-how we can provide you with a roof cleaning service that pleases you without you needing to put yourself in unnecessary danger.

What is the best way to have my roof cleaned?

It is recommended that you have your roof cleaned by a specialised cleaning company. One of the most gentle yet most beneficial ways to get rid of roof moss and clean the roof is by employing the scraping method. Using a scraper in dry conditions will efficiently flake off any moss on the roof without leaving any scratch marks on the tiles from doing so.

Don’t forget – with this method the tiles are not damaged and there is no flood risk, unlike other manners of roof cleaning such as pressure washing.

Another effective method is to use chemicals. Utilising a fungicide/moss killer once the moss has been gently removed will absorb into the tile and most importantly into the gaps in the tiles killing off any tiny moss spores, lichen, and any other organic growth on the tiles. This procedure can take some time after the excess moss has initially been dislodged but again the tiles are unharmed and adding an application of roof cleaning chemicals this will impede the moss from growing back for many years making this method the most worthwhile.

What is the process?

We will supervise your roof with care and attention before starting any work, to establish the best course of action depending on your roof. Then we will look at what’s growing there and the how best to remove the growth. We can then start to work on eradicating the roof of organic colonising growths by getting right into the root system of the moss and eliminating the spores. You’ll notice an improvement straight away and continued change as time passes.

Your local roof cleaning company

We go above and beyond to provide an exceptional service that exceeds our customer’s expectations. We aim to become ‘the’ local roof cleaning company covering Newcastle upon Tyne and its surrounding areas.

Commercial roof cleaning

As well as offering residential roof cleaning we also offer commercial roof cleaning. We are able to provide dependable, swift roof cleaning services, using the very best equipment to clean your roofs to the best standard without any damage. Our equipment is designed to access your roofs without leaving debris and leaving zero mess.

Do you offer roof cleaning near me?

If you are unsure if we cover your area please check the areas we cover. This includes Blyth, Benwell, Sunderland, so it’s quite likely that we do offer roof cleaning near you. We offer a professional service at a fair price, so if we do cover your area we will be happy to give you a quote.

Some things to consider

We have already considered some other things to consider that can affect having your roof cleaned. Now, let’s have a quick look at these.

  • Size of dwelling and the size of the roof.
  • How much vegetation is currently on the roof.
  • The type of roof – for example in the case of a thatched roof, no water is involved.
  • Accessibility of the roof.
  • How high is the roof?

Keeping all of the above in mind, don’t risk serious damage to yourself or dis-repair to your dwelling by attempting a DIY roof clean. Complete the free quote form or ring us for a quote, and leave it to us.